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Google AdWords Pay Per Click Marketing Management (PPC)

You may have noticed that the amount of space that Google gives to Organic Search results is steadily shrinking. Reaching prospects searching on Google through free organic search results is still possible and an important marketing function (SEO), but it's getting more competitive all the time.  Quality SEO for many businesses is a very cost effective marketing process but it does have limitations. As free ad space shrinks and competition grows an effective PPC AdWords strategy is becoming more and more important for business growth.

Google AdWords PPC or pay-per-click marketing is a way of reaching prospects with search engine ads under highly controllable conditions. Your ad is served to prospects during Google search queries and placement of your ad is based on a bidding process. PPC success is not dependent on content quality, meta tags, keyword density or other Search Engine Optimization (SEO) factor. There are a few factors other than your bid amount that come into play but the amount that you are willing to pay for a click is the primary deciding factor.

Pay Per Click can be a significant piece of the marketing puzzle. Because your cost per click is well defined your can over time figure out the cost of making a sale. Knowing the cost of making a sale or the expense involved with bringing on a new client is the HOLY GRAIL of marketing and business success. 

Knowing the cost of a sale allows a business to properly price products or services based on cost and desired profit margins. This knowledge opens the door to increased sales at a defined profit level. Depending on the product, service and geographical constraints it is likely a significant source of new business waiting to be explored.

AdWords has developed into a state of the art advertising process. Prospects can be targeted by different variations of search terms, geographical location, time of day, day of week or language preference.  

Why is Pay Per Click Marketing so important?

  • Pay Per Click is Great for Businesses
    Google AdWords Marketing gives business owners control over sales and customer acquisition never before available. The ability to generate sales at a set cost per sale is available to service contractors and product suppliers in virtually every field.
  • Pay Per Click Serves The Needs of The Searcher
    When Google serves up high quality results that are specific to the search word or phrase of the searcher, it's a winning formula. Advertising targeted to very specific needs based on the users query terms and at the appropriate time is acceptable and highly useful.

Contractor Power Marketing has been helping clients expand their sales and profits effective through Google AdWords management for over 5 years. Call us today to discuss the opportunities available for your business.

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