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Newsletter Marketing

Turnkey Newsletter Solution

Email Newsletters are a powerful marketing tool that can generate new leads, increase repeat business and grow customer relationships when done correctly. Though the process of product and service education and regular communication prospects can be converted into paying customers.

Rentals Companies – Retailers – Manufactures – Distributors

Contractor Power Marketing provides turnkey Newsletter Marketing for businesses of all types. Our experience and history are rooted within the customer service, lead generation and business growth aspects of marketing.

The goal of an effective newsletter marketing process isn’t immediate sales, although it can be a major part of your selling process. Selling anything first and foremost is about a trusted relationship and this is where a newsletter fits in.  Building a relationship requires regular and prolonged contact to develop a level of familiarity and ultimately trust.

Newsletters are highly effective at helping prospects to overcome objections and concerns with your products or services. This process of constant newsletter contact and information distribution are critical steps in generating more revenue for your business.

Newsletter marketing is primarily an information distribution system where aggressive selling techniques are generally not part of the process. Making product or service offers should be more of a tag line and less of the primary content of the newsletter.

Contractor Power has been helping businesses reach out and develop new customers by creating and managing effective newsletter campaigns. With more than a decade of newsletter marketing experience we have the expertise that most businesses lack in attempting an in house newsletter marketing solution.

Newsletter communication with prospect should be twice per year at a minimum, more often depending on products and services. Allocating resources to any marketing project should be seen as a long term investment. Attempting to publish a newsletter because your company is about to go broke and you need more business in a hurry is a bad idea. Newsletter subscribers are most often interested in your service but not in need at the moment. Your newsletter is the tool that keeps your company and services in front of the prospect until the need for your service arises, or they pass your information along to a fiend, family member or business acquaintance that many need your service immediately.

Internet Marketing, referrals and repeat business account for over 82% of sales in the home improvement market. Newsletter marketing enhances and expands all 3 processes!

  • Newsletter Planning – Resource Allocation / Distribution Frequency / Goals
  • Newsletter List Building – Geographical Targeting / Trade Specific Targets
  • Newsletter Content Creation – Demonstrations / Case Studies / HTML Creative 
  • Newsletter Distribution – Platforms / List Management / Mobile Optimization
  • Newsletter Integration – Website / Off Line / All Marketing Functions
  • Newsletter Management – Timing / Development / Analysis and Reporting
  • B to B Newsletter Marketing – Constant Contact with Prospects & Clients

A person or company in need of your product or service can not buy from you if they don’t know about you. Call us today to discuss the benefits of expanding your marketing reach with a professional newsletter.