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Marketing for Cleaning Companies / Maintenance / Janitorial

Need more clients? Really we shouldn't even be asking this in todays economy, everyone would like to be doing better. Contractor Power has developed a very effective Internet marketing service that works very well for small businesses in the cleaning, janitorial and maintenance fields and helps them do better. Marketing better than your competition is the single biggest difference between a growing commercial cleaning business and one struggling to service month after month. We have improved the Internet Marketing and are helping janitorial and power washing clients increase sales and grow their businesses. Your website should be the driving force behind the marketing effort. 

This is what we do to continuously increase your marketing results.
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Keyword Identification / Keyword and Phrase Expansion

What are the words and phrases that a prospect will use when searching for cleaning and janitorial services? If your business can only be found online when someone does a Google searches for you by name, you really need online marketing help. If you are a commercial cleaning company you should be competing for searching clients in your entire service area under all of the keywords that apply; janitorial services, commercial cleaning, floor cleaning, office cleaning, restroom cleaning, power washing, carpet cleaning and dozens of others that prospects in need of service might use.

Working closely with our clients we identify all of the terms and phrases that prospects use when searching for their particular services. We then compose high quality web content that utilizes these keywords and also explains their services to online prospects. We optimize the keywords, phrases and entire pages using the current best practice SEO information from Google, BING and Yahoo.

Note: Google uses a complex algorithm and over 200 factors when returning a search query and deciding which websites get front page listings. We keep up with best practices from Google, Yahoo and BING and pass the best possible results along to our clients.

Geographical Internet Marketing Expansion for Cleaning Services

As a service provider your marketing should cover your entire work area and not just the town your office happens to be in. Getting a first page Google listing in your home town is a good beginning to a successful marketing process, but not nearly enough for most cleaning service companies to live off of. What are you doing to show up in the other towns and areas that you service?

(White Plains NY and Yonkers NY are separated by about 20 miles and 5 or 6 other towns in one of the most densely populated areas of the USA)

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Contractor Power Marketing expands the geographical coverage of marketing for our clients through creative content creation that targets specific areas and terms with location targeting tags and pages. We also use posts and blogs to highlight note worthy jobs and clients from particular geo targeted areas. Another process that is highly effective with Google is customer reviews from clients within geo targeted areas. Expanding the marketing presence to the outer limits of a clients service area is a process that many marketing do not even attempt.

Website Design / Web Content / Web Development / Web Hosting

Right now you pay someone to have your website hosted, you pay someone to develop marketing content and you pay to have design upgrades and you pay for overall improvements and marketing expertise. Why not pay Contractor Power Marketing  to do all of that and much more, probably for much less than you pay now. All inclusive Internet services start at just $99.00 per month.

Great website design helps to portray your business in a competent and professional manner. Great web content tells your visitors why they should be using your services and entices them to contact you for a quote or detailed estimate. Great marketing uses design and content to compete for search positioning and local prospects for your services.

Online Marketing for Janitorial Services / Commercial Cleaning Contractors 

The first page of Google, Yahoo or BING is where you want to be when a keyword or any search related to your business is done in your local market. Being on the first page of organic search results can be the result of many different marketing processes. Great marketing can result in multiple first page listings for a single search term and total search domination.

     *  Local Search Results

     *  Organic Search Results

     *  Youtube Video Marketing

     *  Social Media Marketing

No internal marketing competition, unlike large impersonal providers, Contractor Power Marketing Services are only available to one company in each trade within their marketing zone. Contractor Power Marketing provides all of our clients a thoughtfully planned and well managed marketing process that works.

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