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Free Marketing Consultation
  • Increase Leads / Sales
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Website Development WP
  • Content Creation
  • Video Marketing
  • Google Ads – pay per click


Special Invitation for Cleaning Contractors / Companies – SAVE $400.

This offer is available by email invitation only. Contractor Power Marketing has been extremely successful at helping Cleaning Companies to increase their cleaning service sales and company revenue. We may be able to do the same for your company. Our services can help you to increase sales in your immediate market as well as the extended limits of your service area.

More Leads = More Jobs to Bid = More Sales

What We Do

* Increase Search Positioning
Better positioning in a search query means more viewers looking for your particular service see your link and visit your website. This generates more leads and job sales.

* Increase Keyword Quantity
Business owners in need of cleaning will search dozens of different keywords and phrases such as; floor cleaning, marble cleaning, marble polishing, janitor. To compete for online leads you need to cover all of the terms prospects might use to find your services.

* Increase Geo Search Area
A first page listing in your home town under a single search term is only a starting point for successful marketing. Having a search presence in your entire service area and under multiple keywords is what most small businesses need to prosper from online marketing.

How We Do It

We start by analyzing your current website and any marketing that might currently be going on. For most new clients we provide a website remodel or completely new website. The content of the new website being the main focus of the initial work. This process really never ends with new content being the engine that drives the performance. SEO and SEM requirements change constantly with Google so websites need to be dynamic in content quality and quantity. 

New content development is how we increase keyword search positioning and overall search traffic quantity. The content of your website must serve a dual purpose. First and most importantly if must portray your business in a positive way that truly represents your service capabilities. Second, it must have the appropriate numbers of keywords and tags so the search engines can properly call it when a search is initiated in a particular Geo area that you service.

Our marketing process is an ongoing monthly service that continuously increases your Internet presence in quality and quantity.

Other Marketing Function We Provide

* Local Search and Maps

* Video Marketing / Youtube Channels

* Social Media Set Up

* Newsletters and Email Marketing

* Complete Web Hosting and Development

Are you getting your fair share of business from the Internet? If you don't have a proactive Internet Marketing process in place, probably not. The question then is, are you going to take action or just keep hoping that the phone rings?

The Internet isn't going way and Internet Marketing isn't getting any easier. Next year it will be a bigger part of business success and more competitive than it is right now. Everyday more and more smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktop PC's are being used to find the cleaning services that businesses and individuals need. With the opportunity to connect with new business comes fierce Marketing competition for positions on Google, Yahoo and BING. Using Contractor Power as your Internet Marketing Department is a cost effective way for small businesses to compete for new clients at a high level.

A free 15 minute marketing consultation is available to you right now. You can get questions answered and we can find out about what you do and suggest how we may be able to help. Don't worry if you're not a computer person or even have a website. We have clients that struggle with Internet technology and others that have knowledge and skills, but not time. All of them are smart enough to seek out our professional assistance with reaching new clients online.

Some of the benefits of working with us as your Internet Marketing Specialist;

  • Personal service, we want to be your Internet Marketing Department
  • Affordable and cost effective Marketing Services
  • We specialize in SEO friendly WordPress PHP web development
  • Client Marketing Results Documented (link)
  • Special limited time offer, no set up fee (save $400.)

We don't take on just any new client, only those we are sure we can help. We control our growth to ensure the continued quality of services to all clients. In 2014 we will only take on a few new clients. To speak with company owner Norm Denroche about how we may be able to help your business, give us a call or use our email form to set up a free 15 minute consultation.

Services start at only $99. per month or $3.30 per day! coffee money, additional services can be added as required. If your company needs a marketing professional on a part time basis, outsourcing your Internet marketing functions to Contractor Power might be your best option.

Call during business hours or email anytime to set up your free marketing consultation, references available upon request. Contact Form

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