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Web Image Optimization

   Boost SEO Results by Optimizing Your Web Images

When searching online for goods and services, prospects want to see detailed images of their search subject. Properly tagged website images along with compelling page content can give a boost to your prospect traffic by having your images show up in Google / BING / Yahoo image searches and not just on your website. Increasing targeted traffic with optimized photos is another way of getting the best possible results from your marketing budget. We realize that most business owners have a webmaster or SEO company handling their online marketing. This article is not meant as a how to, but more of a what to do. Work with your SEO provider or webmaster and keep your marketing moving forward with image optimization.

If you aren't familiar with image searching, try this. Type Painting Contractor and your town or city name into your Google search bar, I used Painting Contractor Lanoka Harbor for my test. When the results pop up, select images from the upper search navigation bar. The images that appear are from many different sources. Google does give preference to properly listed local Google businesses. If you click on any of the images you will notice that the page that appears includes the website name and a link to the website that the picture was taken from. This is a nice opportunity for additional local exposure and highly targeted web traffic.

image optimization SEO marketing

If you have an older website or a DIY web and template you may be missing this important marketing opportunity. It's easy enough to check by doing a search where your website is included in the results and then selecting images in the search bar. If you don't see any of your website images in the image search results, the information below could be a big help.
image search results SEO

How does Google decide which pictures to feature in the image search results?
Google is very careful about the amount of specific information they provide to marketers. It is not in their best interest to have a single company dominate the image results by gaming the system. It is more advantageous to have a number of items be critical to obtaining positive results and for results to be shared by many whom adhere to their guidelines. With that said you can greatly improve your chances for your image to display on top of their results by following their best practices guidelines as described below.
1) Give your pictures informative names.
Descriptive image names give Google hints about the subject matter of the graphic. Rename your photos from this (img4157800.jpg) to (blue house paint.jpg). Google uses this information to help determine the best image to return for a searchers query. Descriptive file names can also be used by Google if there is limited descriptive text on the page.
2) Provide relevant page content and keep images in context.
The content of the web page an image is on should provide Google with a good idea of what the subject matter of the picture is.  A website with the name of on a page named Exterior Painting Services would be assumed to feature painting related pictures. If possible place images near the relevant text when formatting your page copy.
3) Do not embed text inside images.
To ensure maximum access to important information keep it in HTML format and not embedded in an image. Embedded text will not be indexed by Google or any other search engine.
4) Anchor text on internal linked pages matters
Anchor text is text copy that is hyperlinked. You can't control how other sites link to yours, but you can use descriptive and relevant terms when linking internally. This helps to improve the viewers online experience and helps Google to better understand the destination page of the link.
 5) Create Alternate Text Attributes for Images.

The alternate text is used to describe the contents of an image file and is the main source of image information used by Google. It provides Google with useful information about the subject matter of the image. Keep it short and as descriptive as possible.

example:  File Name and Alt Text

<img src="esc0154200.jpg" alt=""/>

Much Better  <img src="housepainter.jpg" alt="House Painter Lanoka Harbor NJ 08734"/>

Maximize the opportunity that each image represents. When done correctly optimization greatly increases your chance of having images within your website appear on or near the top portion of the first page on relevant image searches. Always use high quality photos that will appear more professional and increase the image of your business in the mind of the viewer. Mix images in with the appropriate text content to enhance the viewer experience.

Some contracting and home service trades such as painting, landscaping and kitchen remodeling tend to be more visually sensitive than other trades that are more technical in nature. But this doesn't mean that all images on your website shouldn't be properly labeled and tagged for maximum marketing efficiency.

Always remember, your competitors are most likely doing it. SEO is a never ending process of marketing improvement. If you’re not moving forward and improving your position, you’re losing ground to a competitor, and that you can count on.

Contractor Power Marketing provides customized Marketing Services for small businesses in the USA. Call us or email us today and let's talk about how we can help you increase sales through better marketing.


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