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Mobile Websites

Does Your Business Need a Mobile Website?

What About an App for Your Business?

The are countless companies promoting their mobile website building services. App creators for companies large and small are looking for new clients and probably contact you regularly, but does your company need an app? The answers are not as easy as yes or no, so lets sort it out.

Lets first talk about mobile websites. Lets start off by assuming that your company has a primary website that is viewing perfectly fine when seen on the large screen of a decktop or laptop computer. With about 50% of website viewers now accessing the Internet with a smart phone and small screen it is vital that your web looks just as good to them and be just as functional. 

Who you are? What you do? Where you do it? How to contact you?
These are the most important features of any website, mobile or not in the eyes of your prospects.
mobile websites
Full Website View Contact Information Web Copy and Photos

If your website is responsive, meaning mobile viewers have the ability to pinch and zoom your website, a separate mobile website is not necessary. A second website may actually confuse some viewers due to it's different appearance and functionality. A single website that shows exactly the same on a decktop computer and mobile device with the ability of the mobile viewer to customize their view by pinching and zooming is everything that most small business owners need.

The website above is the web viewed on a 2 year old Android smart phone. The far left picture is the exact same view as on a full sized computer screen. This means Contractor Power is easily identified and our image remains constant across all devices. The middle picture is a zoomed view of our contact information. The picture on the left is a zoomed image of our home page content, easily resizable for reading and navigation.

A separate website for mobile viewers may seem like a good idea, but if a prospect is already familiar with the look of your primary website and is expecting to find it using a smart phone, they may not immediately recognize the mobile site. If a viewer wants more information than your mobile site offers, they have to access your primary site anyway. If your primary website answers these four questions without scrolling anywhere, duplicating it on a mobile device is as good as it gets.

Who you are? 
Searchers familiar with your company or returning to your site will want to immediate know they have the correct website.

What you do?
New viewers and hot prospects accessing your website for the first time and in need of a local service provider should know you are a plumber, roofer, landscaper within a few seconds of landing on your website.

Where you do it?
Letting web viewers know where you work, the geographic area that you service saves them time and per qualifies your web contact to another degree. 

Mobile viewers may be more pressed for time, accessing your site at lunch or during a break. Make it as easy as possible for them to find the information they need before making contact.

How to contact you?
Phone and email are both primary contact methods and text is rapidly gaining momentum. Your mobile viewers should have instant access to all.

The other part of operating a separate website for mobile viewers is cost. Why pay for a separate mobile website when your primary site should be supplying everything you need? Use the marketing dollars to increase your SEO, video marketing or new content and not on a mobile website. Once again, a single website that is responsive in design and functionality is all a building trades contractor or home services provider needs.

OK, now what about a mobile app?

Mobile apps are software applications designed to run on smartphones and other mobile devices, do you need one?

Apps are a completely different animal then a mobile website. Apps give instant access to your company by anyone that has downloaded it and given it a piece of the valuable real estate viewable on their smart phone. When it comes to Apps, my decision making is based on the question, why would anyone want your app? What do you do that would benefit your client by providing them with an app?

I use a few apps for the things I do regularly with my phone. I have a banking app that permits me to make check deposits with my phone, I use it a few times per week, it's fast, easy and saves a trip to the bank each time. 

If your business is a retails or wholesale business such as a Plant Nursery, Lumber Yard or Appliance Parts store and you have products or services that your customers regularly need access to, it might make sense to have an app. 

A mobile app for Home Depot makes perfect sense for contractors.  Regular customers may use it several times or more per week and have instant access to their account, ordering and delivery information. On the other hand an app for a Car Dealer that you visit every three years does not. Apply the same common logic to your business needs and the benefit that an app might provide to your clients. If you're a Remodeler or Roofing Contractor a mobile app is probably not a good investment. Apps work great for companies and customers that have a need for frequent and continuous communications and business transactions. Not many homeowners are going to download and display their plumbers app on their smart phone. Use the marketing dollars to reach new clients with a new targeted video, new web page or free how to report for your target market.

Thanks for stopping in, hope this article helps you market your business better. Call or email if you would like to discuss your marketing needs and how we might be of assistance. Contractor Power is a full service Internet Marketing company. We help small businesses in the USA maximize the Internet as a new customer acquisition tool.

Norm Denroche
Owner – Contractor Power Marketing

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