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Marketing Priorities 2015

Finding New Clients in 2015 – Marketing Priorities

This article is intended to help small business owners such as Contractors / Architects / Home Service providers in prioritizing their Internet Marketing. Working with a limited fixed budget you can take advantage of Natural Search (also referred to as Organic or Free) positions that have staying power and a cost effective return on investment over time.

The Math Behind SEO / SEM / PPC

Why pay for what you can get for free? 

For small business owners on a fixed marketing budget it is almost always more cost effective to use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services to their full extent before instituting Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing to fill in the gaps. SEO is the optimizing of a website for best possible results on the search engines. SEM by our definition is the process of building web pages, blogging, content creation, video creation, linking and other activities that continuously build your Internet presence. I prefer to keep Pay Per Click in its own marketing category due to its unique marketing applications, technical requirements and cost.

Why pay $6.00 or even $10.00 for a targeted click to your website if you can get that same click for $2.00 or possibly much less.  By having a fully optimized website your chances of gaining clicks in your local market are multiplied many times over.  Let's assume you have a 5 year old website that is not getting much attention from the search engines. Maybe it's a little technically outdated and maybe the copy is sparse, keywords few and far between and tags non existent because it has never been optimized. Now you hire a marketing company to come in and perform a web remodel and complete SEO overhaul. Once the job is completed you should see a significant increase in both your page rank and your keyword quantity. This means you website now picks up some meaningful local traffic and generates some profitable leads for your business. The results of this process will take a little time to begin working, but the overall results should last long enough to make the process highly cost effective. If your initial SEO service cost you $600. and it brings you 300 additional clicks your cost per click in only $2.00 each. Working with PPC you will most likely be paying a much higher cost per click and the expense is fixed per click. The actual PPC cost will depend on your level of competition, your keyword diversity and the level of PPC expertise possessed by the manager of your account, and it should be done professionally. Above and beyond the cost of each click is the cost for landing page development and PPC management.
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SEM is a broader range of marketing functions that may also includes SEO functions as additional content and resources are developed. Where SEO aims to provide better organic search results from the optimization of a website, SEM helps you successfully target users of search engines via multiple marketing methods.  By our definition the focus remains on FREE positions, not only in the major search engines but also on social media sites, directories, video sites and numerous other Internet properties. SEO is actually just a subset of SEM, but when breaking down the Internet Marketing process, SEO is absolutely the correct starting point. SEM services provide many of the same financial benefits as SEO when compared to PPC.

Our service recommendation for small business owners looking to gain business from the online marketing process goes like this.

1) SEO done most often in combination with a web remodel or at least a content upgrade.

2) SEM as a continuous marketing process. Develop a monthly budget you can afford and stick to it.

3) PPC is most cost effective when used to fill in the blanks after SEO / SEM. PPC allows you to advertise in areas that SEO and SEM can not penetrate due to competition or geographical limitations.

=== More Facts to Consider

* Natural search results are up to eight times more likely to be clicked on than paid search results or PPC marketing. 

* PPC traffic converts to sales at a slightly better percentage than Natural search clicks.

* Natural search takes a persistent effort and results should be updated to maintain positioning.

* PPC can be turned on and off instantly, although refining and maximizing a PPC campaign takes time.


Thanks for your time, hope this article helps you market your business better. Call or email if you would like to discuss your marketing needs and how we might be of assistance. Contractor Power is a full service Internet Marketing company. We help small businesses in the USA maximize the Internet as a new customer acquisition tool.

Norm Denroche
Owner – Contractor Power Marketing

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