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Local Web Pages

Local Web Pages

How to Geo Target Customers With SEO?

Getting your business listed on the first page of a Google search in Business Maps or Natural Search in your local zip code area is a nice marketing accomplishment. If your run a breakfast / lunch restaurant in a heavily populated area and draw your customers from a 3 mile radius of your location this may be all you need to succeed and draw customers from your online presence. 

On the other hand if you are a Hardwood Flooring Contractor that depends on drawing clients from 40 miles or more away and 11 different towns you will need to execute a geo targeting web page campaign to reach your entire market.  Local Web Pages are created with content and tagging to reach prospects in a specific city or town areas with Google Natural Search positioning.

The further your customers are from your office or business location, the harder it is to reach them through SEO and Natural Search Listings. The amount of local online competition for the keywords and phrases specific to your trade, services or product line increases dramatically as you move away from a verified location. With all things being equal (they rarely ever are) the location of your business plays an enormous part in the serving of Google search results. 

To compensate for the lack of a physical business location the development of geo targeted web pages can be a highly effective marketing process. A Local Web Page is a Landing Page specific to a geographic location. The Local Web Page should have unique content and keywords specific to the trade or service and also include location specific keywords such as the city / town and zip code you are targeting.

Like all web content the Local Web Pages that you create should be checked regularly for results once they have been indexed with Google and BING. Strategic adjustment to copy and keywords can help your pages transcend the competition to productive positioning. 

The Local Web Pages marketing process has some advantages over Adwords that increase dramatically when compared over a longer time frame. Extended staying power for your Local Web Pages is very possible with a regular analyzing and minor tweaking regiment. The propensity for searchers to prefer natural search results over the clearly marketed advertisements is well documented and combined with lower cost per click over the long haul makes Local Web Pages a cost effective marketing strategy.

The Local Page set up process:

* Make a top 10 list of the keywords and phrases specific to searches for your service or business type. BING webmaster tools has a simple keyword research tool that give you search counts on works and phrases (Diagnostic Tools). My assumption is that search percentages should be universal across all search platforms. You can also use the (Searches Related To) suggestions at the bottom of a Google search page for suggestion. Stay away from highly technical or trade specific names that a lay person might not be familiar with.

* Make a list of the towns / cities in your service area that need a better search performance from your website. Prioritize the list by importance to your business. Include all of the unique town names or postal areas that make up your target market. It may take years to complete pages for 50 or more locations, but by prioritizing you are able to do what matters most to the growth opportunities for your business ASAP.

* Build a web page for each town with unique content specific to your keywords and geo location information.

* Use page name, head tag and picture tags to give the page some additional juice.

* Link to these pages from all other appropriate service pages and main menu.

* Include any customer testimonials with zip code address from clients in that particular city.

* List and elaborate on any completed jobs, installations or clients in that area.

* Announce your new local page and link from all available resources. (Facebook, Youtube Channel, LinkedIn)

Occasionally adding new Local Web Pages to your site gives an additional boost in freshness scoring over more static websites. A minimum of 2 new pages per year for small businesses is not an unreasonable goal, one per quarter is a nice pace. New content provides new opportunity for social contact and the process comes full circle as the search engines give juice to social comments.

Norm Denroche

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