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Graphic Design or Internet Marketing

Graphic Design or Internet Marketing?  Knowing The Difference is Important

This article is intended to clear up a few misconceptions about Graphic Design and Internet Marketing and what you should expect from each process. Many small business owners in the building, repair and maintenance fields have websites. Most of these websites were built by a Graphic Designer or Graphic Design company. 

Once the website design or appearance was completed the designer or owner added some basic copy or details about the company. This usually consists of a home page, about page, contact page and services page. With most small business, this is where it stops. Unfortunately at this point many believe they are actually going to grow their business from this process. If this has been your attempt at gaining business from the Internet, you already know whats most likely to happen, NOTHING!  No calls from Internet searches, no leads from contact form, no return on the website design investment of time and money after a year or even many years. The sad truth is that they got exactly what they paid for, a visually well designed website.

The majority of the sites that we review for marketing purposes are fine visually, the Graphic Designers did their job. The problem is that the Internet marketing process stopped at that conclusion of the website design! 

Small businesses like builders, plumbers, painters and architects need professional online marketing. They need to reach local prospects where they are searching and a visually well designed website without the marketing aspects will not get it done. It is important that a website be professional looking and provide an accurate portrait of your business, but that isn't it's most important function. Small businesses need a website that attracts the search engines and brings them more local prospects. Good small business website building today doesn't require much in the way of true graphic arts skills. Upload a company logo, a few job photos, some sizing functions, select a color scheme and a visually appealing website shell can be created in half a day by an experienced marketing professional.

Once the website structure and visual set up is done, the real Internet marketing process is ready to begin. Keywords need to be identified and researched, copy writing of effective SEO content can begin, meta tags can be developed, local search registrations completed and verified, geo-search content growth plan developed and the entire process should be ongoing.

Selecting Keywords
The content of a website needs to revolve around the words that prospects use to find that business through a search engine. For an electrician those words might be; electrical contractor, electrician, electrical repair, ceiling fan installation and most likely dozens more. Selecting the right keywords words is done through online research of search terms in combination with the services offered by the client. This process can not be taken lightly, it is a vital starting point for an effective Internet Marketing process.

Copy Writing
The content of your website needs to serve two distinctly separate processes, both are essential to the success of your online marketing efforts. The first thing that your web copy must do is to incorporate all of your keywords so that the search engines can properly categorize your business during the natural search process. The second thing your copy must do is to give prospects that arrive on your website from a search the information they came to find. Just a rough estimate, about 95% of the websites we review for marketing purposes do not effectively utilize any type of content marketing. Professional website copy writing goes hand in hand with identifying the keywords to target with your online marketing efforts.

Tags are the part of your website that the search engines see and visitors to your website do not. Tags such as meta page title and meta description help the search engines to provide a more accurate return of information when a search occurs. Picture and video tags are growing in importance as Internet searches grow in visual content delivery.

Marketing Process
Successful Internet Marketing is the ongoing process of reaching more prospects in your service area. Gaining more clients in a stagnant economy means that you must obtain a larger share of the existing market. With the growing trend of geo specific search results being served up by the major search engines expanding your Internet presence to match your service area requires the ongoing process of developing strategic web content. Competition for search engine positions grows daily, the need for professional Internet Marketing has never been more important to growing a successful business.


Notes: FYI

This is how the online Encyclopedia wikipedia describes GRAPHIC DESIGN: Graphic design is the art of communication, stylizing, and problem-solving through the use of type and image. 

INTERNET MARKETING according to wikipedia: Online marketing, also called Internet advertising, uses the Internet to deliver promotional marketing messages to consumers. It includes email marketing, search engine marketing, social media marketing,  many types of display advertising; including web banner advertising, mobile advertising, content advertising and numerous other form of sales.

The truth about websites is that no matter how awesome yours is, if local prospects can't find it through a search engine like (Google / BING / Yahoo) for services that your business offers, it is almost useless.

At Contractor Power we interact with small business owners daily and the observations above come directly from that interaction. Many of the phone calls we receive are inquiries about our services and exactly what we do and how we do it.  Most callers have a website but are not getting anything or not enough from it, I hope this helps.

Norm Denroche
Owner – Contractor Power Marketing