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SEO From The Source

Search Engine Optimization Rules from Google

Let me start off by saying that I’m not suggesting that a small business of any kind needs to be doing technical Internet marketing work in house. What needs to be done in most cases is for the company owner or the person in charge of your marketing operations to be familiar with SEO terms. The alternative is to be working with a professional Internet Marketing company that you have a high level of trust in. Even then, knowing a little and questioning the webmaster or marketing team on the items included in the attached Google Search Engine optimization guide would be a good idea. In other words make sure it’s getting done one way or another! Give your business the best possible chance at being included when local consumers are searching for service providers by following the SEO rules that Google now makes available.

Google dominates Search Engine usage with about 67% of all searches conducted within the USA going through Google owned Internet properties. So when Google offers to show webmasters how to take advantage of Natural Search opportunities, we listen carefully. In most cases, whatever SEO works effectively at also works well with the Yahoo, BING and the AOL search engine.

First some basics about Natural Search.

Natural Search is what makes the search engines a useful tool for consumers. The reason for this is that Natural search results are not dictated by bidding or payment of any kind. On the Google Search Engine natural search results are featured in the center area of the page. Paid advertising resides in the right hand column and may also show one or two ads before and after Natural Search results. Paid search results are clearly tagged and marked as advertising.

Natural search is what Google deems to be the most accurate information about the subject that you are searching, based on your search terms and geographical location. Natural search is the best opportunity for small business owners to receive a prominent and highly beneficial search listing without direct payment for each website link click.

With the US economy moving slowly and housing starts remaining depressed, the competition for construction and home maintenance jobs is at an all time high. Not using the resources made available to your business by the premier search engine / lead source in the world should not be considered a prudent business practice. The opportunity to acquire new jobs / work if your company can be easily found online is critical for business success today. Having a website that gets recognized and listed in local Google search results takes some time but is well worth the effort.

This new SEO guide by Google is intended to be basic guidelines for the industry professionals and marketing companies that are building and optimizing websites for search. I highly recommend that as a business owner you take the time to ensure that the people in charge of your Internet Marketing are following the latest up to date practices.

Google isn’t giving away a silver bullet or magic formula of any kind here. What they are saying is that if you want to be in the game, these are the rules. The link below will take you directly to Google for the article in PDF format. Download it to your computer and save it for future reference.

In the event that Google removes general access to this document and the link below is no longer live, contact Contractor Power for a free copy.

Thanks for you time, hope this helps

Norm Denroche
Owner – Contractor Power Marketing

Link – Google SEO Guide – Link

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