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Client Case Studies

Case Study
NJ Contractor Acquires Jobs County Wide
Through Internet Marketing

From 25,000 prospects to 580,000 prospects through improved Internet Marketing.

H20 PowerWashing's website ( is showing up in Google's natural search results under six or more different key words used to identify their services.  The keywords most common to H2O PowerWashing services are now attracting prospects from all of Ocean County, NJ.  This is a major marketing accomplishment for a small business. Ocean County, NJ consists of 33 unique municipalities and a population of over 580,000 according to the US Census Bureau’s most recent information. The company’s website went from being easily visible through Google search to only around 25,000 possible viewers and under very limited search terms. The 25,000 viewers is the estimated population of Lacey Township where the business is based. It is now easily accessible by web search to nearly 600,000 people under a very broad list of search terms specific to power washing & cleaning. This increase in search exposure has been accomplished through continuous search engine marketing, new content creation and web page optimization.

That’s an increase of over 2000% in online business exposure!

Refer to the chart below for a more precise breakdown of the H2O PowerWashing's Google Rankings. The first column on the left hand side represents the name of the town that was entered into Google search, along with one of the keyword phrases displayed at the top of the columns to the right. The number 1 indicates that the company's website appeared on the first page of Google's natural search results using that search criteria (keyword and town). The number 2 means that the website showed up on the second page of the search results, 3 means they were found on the third page, etc.; while  "x" denotes that the site didn't appear within the first 5 pages of natural search results.


Chart illustrating search results for H2O Power Washing.

Prior to their Internet marketing efforts the majority of the company's online job leads were located within Lacey Twp. or one of the adjacent towns. With a persistent search engine marketing process in place, H2O PowerWashing is now getting emails and phone calls for estimates throughout the entire county. The company began their aggressive internet marketing campaign in the summer of 2011. During an unusually slow summer work period the company owner came to the realization that a sustained marketing process was necessary for business survival and ultimately grow. By the summer of 2012 the company's Internet job acquisition rate was steadily increasing throughout the county, even spilling over to some towns in neighboring counties. The increase in business is entirely attributed to a sustained web marketing process.

How Did They Do It?

It starts with a marketing plan and a continuous month after month effort of analyzing results and building on the quantity and quality of content and tags. Marketing is not a switch that you can flip on when sales slow down and flip off when work is booming. It should be viewed as a necessary component of any business which requires the regular and frequent allocation of time and resources. Small business owners know this but in many cases the work simply isn’t getting done. The increasing complexity and dedicated time requirements make the outsourcing of Internet Marketing functions a wise choice for small business owners. In H2O PowerWashing's case, outsourcing the company's internet marketing was the only viable option. The company owner did not have the time or technical qualifications to do the internet marketing while hiring a full time marketing manager was out of budget and not necessary for a company of his size.

Continuously adding to, revising and promoting the company's website drew the attention of the search engine “bots” that cataloged the activity and subsequently gave the website a higher natural search ranking because of it. Concentrating on keywords and service area, the website achieved placement throughout the entire county under multiple service categories. It didn't happen, nor can it happen, overnight. It took many months of ongoing, regular marketing efforts to achieve the county wide results. Once they did it was then a matter of maintaining existing marketing efforts to keep a firm hold on the web presence they had achieved, while at the same time expanding geographical search marketing efforts to keep building H2O PowerWashing's web presence throughout surrounding county service areas.

What's The Value Behind It?

H2O PowerWashing's success following their increased web exposure is the perfect example of a successful passive marketing strategy. Passive marketing merely refers to a company's ability to be found by prospects who are actively seeking out products or services similar to those offered by most small businesses in the service sector. The company's job sales had begun to stagnate, not because the work had completely dried up but because potential customers in essence didn't know H2O PowerWashing even existed!

The internet, more specifically search engines (more specifically still Google), is the #1 place home owners turn to find the products or services they need. Internet marketing, referrals and repeat business are the top 3 sources of new clients for building, maintenance and home services contractors accounting for 82% of new jobs acquired. On the other hand, newspapers, Yellow Pages and direct mail together now account for less than 6% of new jobs on average. If your business is not coming up in the natural search results under keywords relevant to your business, you're missing out on a untold number of leads to those company that are.

How Does Your Business Define Its’ Service Area? What Type Of Online Exposure Are You Getting In Your Service Area?

If you're curious about your current web presence use the keyword chart in this article as a guide and go ahead and test your exposure. Open your browser up to Google and type in the key words that your prospects would most likely use to describe your services (Ex: roofing contractor, handy man services, heating and air conditioning, bathroom remodeling, etc.) along with the name of a town in your service area (Ex: “roof contractor Bayville”). Does your site show up on page 1, page 2, page 3? Now repeat the process using the next town over, and the next town after that, if you work in those areas.  Continue this process until you encompass your entire service area. How does your internet exposure stack up to H2O PowerWashing’s?

If you don't have a web presence throughout your service area you are missing out on prospects who may be actively looking for your service. Websites are the business cards of the 21st century, only many times better. Just like your tangible paper business cards, just because you had them printed up doesn't mean anyone is going to see them unless you hand them out. By dominating the search engines throughout your service area you are putting your virtual business card into the hands of everyone in that area searching for products and/or services similar to the ones you provide. The best part about your virtual business card is interested prospects are coming to you without you having to seek them out!

UPDATE: OCT of 2013, H2O PowerWashing received a web based inquiry from a home owner about restoring the natural cedar siding on his home, a large and lucrative job for the company. The home owner is located in a NJ county that is over 50 miles beyond the company’s normal service area. The client reportedly did an extensive Internet search and H2O Power Washing was the only company even remotely local that he could find offering the service he was looking for.

Nick Denroche
VP of Sales & Marketing
Contractor Power

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