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Adwords Marketing

Google Adwords Marketing – Landing Pages

Just incase you haven't noticed, the amount of space given to Google natural search results has shrunk again. In popular search categories there are now as many as 4 Google Adwords advertisements at the very top of each search results page. This is usually followed by Google Maps business listings and then about 10 natural search results (SEO influenced), followed by an additional 3 Adwords advertisements on the bottom of each page. As natural search gets squeezed and Adwords takes another step up small business owners not utilizing Adwords paid search would be wise to reconsider.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) continues to be a cost effective method of reaching prospects and a vitally important marketing process. With that said, businesses not utilizing Adwords may be missing another important marketing option and a chance to cost effectively gain more businesses. 

Google Adwords has evolved into the most sophisticated and accountable online marketing method available today. Business owners looking to reach more prospects and increase sales should consider Adwords as a primary option. 

Make Google Adwords cost effective for your business!

Part 1 – Landing Pages

The ability to send searching prospects directly to a specific landing page increases the response rate. For those who don't already know, a landing page is a webpage created to target a specific keyword or type of search query. 

Example: You are in business as a general building contractor. You website features foundation to roof all inclusive building services. Replacement windows are a service that makes you a good margin and you would like to increase replacement window sales. Your Adwords campaign targets the keyword phrase "Vinyl Replacement Windows". Your landing page should be about "Vinyl Replacement Windows" and nothing else, not gutters, not decks and not kitchens. Your landing page should feature numerous call to action contact options and basic details about your replacement windows, nothing else. Anyone reaching your replacement window landing page found it through an Adwords search. Now give them what they are looking for!

Not having a landing page that is highly specific to the search is a common mistake. I see this everyday and the affect on a marketing budget could be devastating. If you are searching for "Replacement Window" and land on a page that features Roofing, Siding, and Gutters but barely mentions replacement windows and you most likely won't stay very long. Google offers up about 25 results per search, prospects want what they want and they don't want to have to hunt for it once they click on a link. Getting to your link was all the searching that most prospects intended to do. Without a proper landing page your viewers will quickly leave your website without any additional action, other than cost you the price of a click, ouch!

Lets imagine that 1 in 30 Adwords referred pospects makes contact with you through a phone call or email form after reaching your website and landing on your home page. Now lets suppose you set up a great landing page, specific to your keyword "Replacement Window" campaign and featuring a clear call to action. Suppose your 30 clicks now generates 3 contacts. This one process alone could triple your results or save you 66% of your budget for a fixed number of monthly leads.

Landing pages are only one of many improvements to an Adwords campaign that can mean the difference between being hugely successful and failing miserably. We will be examining additional processes with a series of short Adwords articles aimed at helping our readers MARKET BETTER.

Thanks for reading,

Norm Denroche


Contractor Power Marketing has an opening to take on an additional client or clients. We provide wordpress web design and development with an emphasis on SEO and Adwords set up and management. We take on new clients with monthly marketing budgets between $150. and $2,500. that we believe we can help to increase sales and grow their business. Call us today if this sounds like it fits your Internet Marketing needs 609-693-9778 or Email Contact Form