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Internet Marketing for Small Businesses

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Google Adwords (Pay Per Click or PPC )

WordPress Design / Web Administration and Maintenance

Internet search engines, primarily Google Yahoo and BING are the preferred method for consumers searching for the products and services they need and wish to purchase. The quality of the Internet Marketing being done by a business has become the primary factor in the quest for growth and financial well being of that business.

Hiring a full time Internet Marketing Professional is not a practical solution for most small businesses. Many need only a few days per week or even as little as a few hours per week to successfully reach customers in their geographical area. Outsourcing allows you to obtain expert service and just the right amount of it for your business, same as you do with your Accountant or your Mechanic.

The number one obstacle to small business success is a lack of effective marketing. Struggling to make ends meet each month or figuring out how to best handle new business, the difference is usually in the amount and quality of the marketing being done or not being done.

Internet Marketing for Small and Mid Sized Businesses

Having a professional working to increase your online business exposure without interfering with daily operations is a winning formula. Marketing is a business process that should be present for as long as your business seeks new clients or even to hang on to existing market share. When done correctly and with persistence, Internet Marketing can be the key to business growth.

Big businesses are all in on Internet marketing, they have the history to support putting additional dollars online where they work best. Many big businesses devote over 75% of their marketing budget to the Internet, depending on the industry. While on the other hand, many small businesses are failing to truly utilize the incredible marketing opportunity that is available to all. Many small businesses still spend more on coupon mailers, local magazines, yellow pages and other media, usually for all the wrong reasons.

Contractor Power Marketing offers custom Internet Marketing solutions that might be right for your company.  You have a business to run and that is exactly where your focus should be. Our job is Internet Marketing and helping you gain more business from it, simple as that. Our customized marketing services allow you to receive what you need to grow your business today. We have been in the business of helping clients market online since 2001.

Goals of a Successful Online Marketing Process

       *   Make It Easy to be Found / Multiple Keywords

     *   Increase Contact With Your Available Audience

     *   Expand Your Reach Geographically

     *   Action / Evaluation / Adjustments / Repeat

We provide highly effective marketing solutions for small business owners looking for results. Call us today for a free consultation, services available from several days per week to several hours per month, starting at just $159.00 per month. Every business faces different obstacles to reaching new prospects. The one common denominator is the way prospects find them. The Internet isn’t the only method of finding products and services, but it is the most popular and still growing in market share.

Contractor Power Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimization

Internet Marketing starts with SEO. The goal of optimizing your website for maximum search availability has been going on since the first commercial website went live. The process changes according to the parameters used by Google, Yahoo and Bing for page ranking. The process is purposely complex and fluid, we keep our clients up on what works.

Local Search Marketing

The fastest way to achieve an Internet presence for most small businesses is through Google maps as well as Yahoo and Bing local service listings. This process is limited in the available geographic coverage but is an effective first step in the Internet Marketing process.

Web Development / Web Design / Web Hosting

Reaching new prospects through Internet Marketing starts with your website / blog. Your page content and tags is what helps the search engines find and rank your website. We can professionally manage all aspects of your website development, content creation, keyword marketing and overall Internet presence.

Content Marketing

Great web content serves two distinct purposes. Most importantly it provides fuel for the search engines to rank your site. The higher the page rank the more prospects you can reach for your services. Additionally great content gives your prospects actionable information about your product or services.

Google Adwords / BING / Facebook

Google Adwords is the most common form of PPC or pay per click marketing. Adwords and other similar marketing options allow you to pay for a searching viewer to visit your website or call you based on the keyword or keywords that they searched on. We can help you maximize your clicks and conversions from paid search with a professional PPC management service.

WordPress CMS Design & Management

WordPress is the top web platform due to being open source with continuous community development. New cutting edge plugins and updates make wordpress the preferred content management system for websites and blogs world wide. Contractor Power Marketing offers clients all facets of custom design and development that is laser focused on organic search results.

Email Marketing / eNewsletter Management

Companies that rely on repeat business need an effective and economical way to regularly communicate with clients and reach new prospects. Email is the perfect marketing tool to keep your clients informed, offer special deals and reach new prospects. Keeping your name and services in front of clients and prospects is an essential marketing process for business growth. Contractor Power Marketing provides a complete list development and email marketing service for small businesses. Call us today to see how we can help you expand your business through targeted list building and proactive Internet Marketing.

About Us

We are an Ocean County NJ Internet Marketing Company serving clients locally at their location or remotely across the USA. All of our services are provided by US citizens working in the USA. We only take on clients that we feel we can help and that are committed to the Internet Marketing process to grow their business. Call us today for a free consultation to have your marketing questions answered.  732-673-0345